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City of Palmdale RFP for Integrated Solid Waste Management Services

Thank you for showing an interest in the City’s Request for Proposals for Integrated Solid Waste Management Services.  Please check this site regularly for up to date information pertaining to the City’s RFP.

Proposal Clarifications and Updates
Proposers may submit oral or written questions. Written responses to such questions, addenda and clarifications, if any, will be provided via e-mail to all potential proposers that provide their contact information when they request the RFP from the City or attend the pre-proposal meeting. Proposers should provide the primary contact name, company name, address, e-mail address, and phone number. Only written responses will govern. Written questions may not be accepted after July 15, 2016, as this would leave insufficient time for the City to provide an adequate response to all potential proposers. However, if proposers have simple questions regarding how to complete submittal forms or otherwise complete the proposal requirements, proposers may continue to request assistance via telephone until the proposal due date. See “Process Integrity Guidelines and Communications During RFP Process” in the RFP on where to submit timely questions.

All communications regarding this RFP shall be made exclusively through: Ben Lucha, Senior Management Analyst, City of Palmdale, by mail at 38250 Sierra Highway, Palmdale, California, 93550, by telephone at (661) 267-5308 and by e-mail at blucha@cityofpalmdale.org, or Laith Ezzet of HF&H Consultants, the City’s consultant, by mail at HF&H Consultants, 19200 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 360, Irvine, California, 92612, by telephone at (949) 251-8902 and by e-mail at lezzet@hfh-consultants.com.  Interested parties who desire to receive subsequent communications regarding this RFP should respond in an email to Ben Lucha at the email address provided above.

Pre-Proposal Meeting
The City will conduct a Pre-Proposal Meeting on June 30th at 2:00 p.m. at the Development Services Building Conference Room, 38250 Sierra Highway, Palmdale, CA

The City will allow interested parties to attend the Pre-Proposal Meeting online via WebEx. Please contact Ben Lucha by telephone at (661)267-5308 or by e-mail at blucha@cityofpalmdale.org by June 29, 2016 if you would like to attend the meeting remotely.

Related Documents
  • Pre-Proposal Sign-In
  • Property Available for Sale for Solid Waste Related Activities – During the Open Comments portion of the RFP Pre-Proposal Meeting, the owner of two of the parcels outlined in the attached presented his property to all interested parties.  Please note that the proposed uses outlined in the document have been proposed by the owner of the property.  Additionally, the section labeled “Proposed Industrial Park” is Zoned M-4 (Planned Industrial) and the section labeled Proposed Landfill is Zoned R-1-1 (Single Family Residential – Minimum Lot Size 1 Acre).  Information on the City’s Zoning Ordinance can be found on the Zoning Ordinance page.  If you would like information on the procedure for Zone Changes, please contact the City’s Planning Division at 661/267-5200.
  • City of Palmdale RFP for Integrated Solid Waste Management Services – This document is the City’s RFP and DRAFT Agreement for Integrated Solid Waste Management Services.
  • Potential Parcels for Solid Waste Related Activities – The City received a request to provide information in regards to vacant locations that have been appropriately zoned to house operations such as a MRF or Transfer Station.  Please note the City makes no guarantees of the availability of the parcels; however, if you would like information on how to reach the parcel owners to inquire about the availability of a certain location, please contact Ben Lucha who will put you in contact with the City’s Economic Development Department who will be able to assist with the request.
  • RFP Addendum No. 1
  • RFP Addendum No. 2
  • RFP Addendum No. 3 – Please note that the deadline of Monday, November 7th, remains the same.
  • RFP Excel Rate Proposal Forms
  • RFP Revised Cost Proposal Forms
  • Illegal Dumping Cluster Map – Approximately a year ago the City compiled the following map outlining illegal dumping hotspots located around the City.
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