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Animal Care Services
Contacting the Animal Care Center

Animal Care Center
38550 Sierra Highway
Palmdale, CA 93550

Directions: Located off CA 14, Palmdale Boulevard exit, make a left at Sierra Highway, care center is on the right (traveling northbound on CA 14)

Open Monday-Thursday, 12 pm-7 pm
Friday-Sunday, 10 am-5 pm
Holidays – Limited Operations

Contact the Animal Care Center:
Palmdale Animal Care Center Dispatch 661/575-2888

Please note: All calls for animal care centers are routed through Los Angeles County's Communication Center/Dispatch for handling.

Animal Care Services

The City contracts with the Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Agency to provide all animal care and sheltering services for the City of Palmdale.  Please visit their website for services available to our community, find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or if you need to request service.

Important Pet Information for Palmdale Residents

PSA - Pet Licensing

Pet Licensing

All dogs and cats are required to be licensed and vaccinated in the City of Palmdale. 

California law requires that all dogs over the age of four months be vaccinated against rabies and licensed through the local animal care and control agency.City code requires the same for dogs, and it also requires all cats be vaccinated for rabies at four months of age and licensed.

Spay/Neuter and Microchipping is Mandatory in the City of Palmdale

Unsterilized dogs and cats create a number of problems for both residents and animals in Palmdale. The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control is overwhelmed with unwanted animals, receiving approximately 70,000 animals each year! Unplanned litters contribute to these numbers as there are not enough available homes to absorb this surplus. Despite strong efforts to place these pets into new homes and reunite lost pets with their owners, there are still not enough adoptive homes available. It is imperative that we reduce the number of animals flooding our animal care centers, and the best way to do that is ensure all pets are spayed or neutered.

For these reasons, the City of Palmdale Adopted Title 10 of the Los Angeles County Code in October of 2017(6.04.010 Adoption of Los Angeles County animal control ordinance) requiring all cats and dogs over 4 months of age to be spayed or neutered (Los Angeles County Code §10.20.350) . Unaltered dogs and cats over 4 months of age will need to have an unaltered dog or cat license. Additionally, dogs and cats over 4 months of age will be required to be implanted with an identifying microchip (LACC §10.20.185)

Low cost spay/neuter options are available. Please visit http://animalcare.lacounty.gov/spay-and-neuter/ for more information.

Microchipping your animal can be done through the Palmdale Animal Care Center or your veterinarian.

Pet Vaccination

California state law requires that all dogs older than four months of age be currently vaccinated against rabies. Los Angeles County and City Code requires rabies vaccinations for cats as well as dogs.

The Animal Care and Control Department offers low-cost vaccinations for dogs and cats.

Residential Dogs and Cats Limitations

The City of Palmdale has adopted 10.20.038 of the Los Angeles County Code as it pertains to residential dogs and cats limitations.

Dogs. Up to Four (4) dogs may be kept at any residence without an animal facility license, provided the dogs' owner or custodian licenses each individual dog and complies with the Mandatory Spay and Neuter Program for Dogs.

Cats. Up to five (5) cats may be kept at any residence without an animal facility license, provided the cats' owner or custodian licenses each individual cat, has each cat spayed or neutered and keeps all cats primarily indoors.

*These numbers are based on single family residential homes. Limits are reduced to 2 dogs and 2 cats in multifamily housing.

For more information please visit http://animalcare.lacounty.gov/wps/portal/acc/home/ or contact the crime prevention office at 661/267-5170.

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