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Code Enforcement Information

The City of Palmdale has several ordinances that are designed to maintain a healthy, safe and clean environment, carry out land use policy and preserve the quality-of-life standards that residents and businesses enjoy in our community.

There are many types of codes: zoning codes, fire codes, Uniform Building Codes, housing maintenance codes, various health and safety codes. To be effective and efficient, code enforcement needs the cooperation of residents and businesses.

Because there are many different codes — many involving complex technical or legal issues — residents frequently have questions about code enforcement and their role in keeping Palmdale a great place to live and work. The following information will answer the most frequently asked questions about code enforcement in our community.

Reporting Violations

You may file a complaint about a possible code violation online, in person, in writing or by phone. In an average year, the City receives thousands of complaints related to possible code violations.

Please be prepared with specific information, such as:

  • The address of the property
  • Detailed description of the situation
  • The length of time you have observed the situation
How are Codes Enforced?
What is the Procedure?
What are the Penalties?

Complete Ordinances are available at the City Clerk's Office.

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