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Hours and Contact Information

Code Enforcement
38250 Sierra Highway, 2nd Floor
Palmdale, CA 93550
661/267-5554 (Fax)

Open Monday-Thursday
7:30 am-6 pm
Closed Friday

Complaint Contact Information
Specific Complaint Department/Agency Phone
Abandoned Vehicles on public streets Parking Enforcement 661/267-5436
Animal Control - dogs running at large (daytime), licensing and vaccination of dogs, dead or injured animals Animal Control 661/940-4190
Animal Control - barking dogs, poisoning of animals, possession of fighting animals Animal Control 661/940-4190
Animals - too many, unsanitary conditions Code Enforcement 661/267-5234
Buildings, dangerous or substandard (housing) Building and Safety 661/267-5353
Business License - home occupations or illegal business Business License 661/267-5434
County Code Enforcement County Code Enforcement 877/966-2633
Crime Tips (anonymous) Palmdale Pride Hotline 661/947-7433
Dumping Code Enforcement 661/267-5234
Emergency (24 hours) 9-1-1
Garbage - overflowing garbage cans or dumpsters Code Enforcement 661/267-5234
Garbage cans at properties left out on the street longer than a day before or after collection day Code Enforcement 661/267-5234
Graffiti Palmdale Pride Hotline 661/947-7433
Hate Crimes Palmdale Pride Hotline 661/947-7433
Inoperable Vehicles Parking Enforcement 661/267-5436
Lancaster Code Enforcement Lancaster Code Enforcement 661/723-6121
Neighborhood Watch Public Safety 661/267-5181
Noise Disturbances Sheriff 661/272-2400
Outdoor Storage - trash, junk or debris Code Enforcement 661/267-5234
PAC – Partners Against Crime Public Safety 661/267-5181
Pools – unprotected , or green Code Enforcement 661/267-5234
Property Maintenance Code Enforcement 661/267-5234
Rental Inspection Program Building and Safety 661/267-5353
Shopping Carts CART 800/252-4613
Signs - illegally posted commercial or garage sale signs Code Enforcement 661/267-5234
Ice or hazards on public sidewalks Code Enforcement 661/267-5234
Traffic Signal Repair Palmdale Pride Hotline 661/947-7433
Unsafe Buildings Building and Safety 661/267-5353
Vacant Open & Accessible Buildings Code Enforcement 661/267-5234
Vegetation blocking sidewalk, obstructing signs or obstructing vehicle sight lines Code Enforcement 661/267-5234
Inoperable Vehicles parked on private property Parking Enforcement 661/267-5436
Vehicles - parked on unimproved surface Parking Enforcement 661/267-5436
Vehicles illegally parked on public streets Parking Enforcement 661/267-5436
Landscape Maintenance, long grass Code Enforcement 661/267-5234
Zoning occupancy issues and questions Planning Department 661/267-5200
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38300 Sierra Highway, Palmdale, CA 93550 · 661/267-5100 · 661/267-5122 - fax

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