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Neighborhood Watch Information
Neighborhood Watch

What is it?

Neighborhood Watch is a community-based program supported by the National Sheriff’s Association. Since its inception in 1972, thousands of communities nationwide have established Neighborhood Watch in their neighborhoods and have made a real difference in public safety.

What's in it for you?

In addition to safer neighborhoods, neighborhood watch increases community spirit and camaraderie with neighbors and builds stronger relationships with law enforcement. It’s easy to participate in Neighborhood Watch. The program embraces and promotes cooperation between residents to watch out for each other’s safety and work together to solve problems. Neighborhood Watch brings the power of organization and the ability to focus energy and resources to your community.

How to get started:

  1. Request an information packet to help you get started by calling 661/267-5170 or complete an linterest form.
  2. Schedule your orientation meeting with a Crime Prevention Specialist and Community Deputy.
  3. Pass out flyers inviting your neighbors to the meeting. Most residents hold the meeting in a garage or driveway and our office will provide you with the flyers.

Orientation meeting topics include:

  • Crime prevention programs offered by the crime prevention office and Sheriff's Department.
  • Neighborhood Watch program overview.
  • How to obtain Neighborhood Watch signs.
  • How citizens can become the Sheriff’s Department's "eyes and ears".

You can make a difference! Good neighbors are what make a Neighborhood Watch program successful. Neighbors are the “eyes and ears” of their neighborhood. Building a spirit of community helps keep everyone safer and more secure. And that’s what Neighborhood Watch is all about!

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