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Parking Information for Truckers

Per Palmdale Municipal Code 10.04.040: Chapter 15.101

A person shall not park any commercial vehicle having a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or more on any highway or alley at any time in any residential or agricultural zone as defined in Ordinance No. 140, entitled The Zoning Ordinance. It is not a violation of this chapter to park said vehicles in residential or agricultural zones when such vehicles are involved in:

  1. Necessary loading and unloading
  2. Performing a service activity on the adjacent lot or parcel of land
  3. A lawful commercial use on the adjacent lot or parcel of land
  4. The construction of buildings or structures on the adjacent lot or parcel of land
  5. The construction or maintenance of a street, alley, parkway or highway

For more information on commercial vehicle parking, download the Commercial Vehicle Parking Flyer.

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