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Crime Prevention
38250 Sierra Highway, 2nd Floor
Palmdale, CA 93550

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Open Monday-Thursday
7:30 am-6 pm
Closed Friday

Presentations and Publications Available

The City offers presentations on many crime prevention topics. All classes are free to the public and can be arranged by contacting 661/267-5170 or by clicking on the related interest form.

  • Senior Power - Personal Safety Presentations for Seniors
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    Topics covered include safety while walking, shopping, driving and at home. Information on con games and fraud is also covered.
  • Emergency Preparedness
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    The city’s Crime Prevention staff provides free emergency preparedness presentations to residents and business owners in the city of Palmdale. Presentations are brought to your group and cover topics such as:
    • Emergency Supplies
    • Action Plans
    • Communication Plans
    • Evacuation Plans
    • How to Prepare for Children, Seniors and the Disabled
    • How to Prepare for Pets
    • How to Prepare Your Home
    • Utility Safety
  • Home Security Presentations
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    This workshop will give you suggestions to improve the physical security of your home.
  • Home Security Surveys
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    A crime prevention officer will come to your home and look at your windows, lighting, landscaping, doors and locks from a safety and security standpoint. Check out the Home Security Handbook and take the home security test to see how your home rates.
  • General Personal Safety Presentations
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    Do you know how to avoid potentially dangerous situations? This session focuses on teaching you how to be aware of your surroundings and how to avoid those dangerous situations.
  • Identity Theft: When Bad Things Happen To Your Name
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    Identity theft continues to be the fastest growing crime in America today. Statistics show that one in three Americans will be a victim of identity theft. Learn how to minimize your risk of becoming a victim.
  • Scams, Schemes and Cons
    Scam Prevention Resources
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    This session covers all the other scams out there that con people out of their money. Scams like the sweetheart swindle, Ponzi, lottery and Nigerian letter are highlighted.
  • Child Safety
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    Do your children know good personal safety skills? Are you comfortable letting your children answer the telephone or front door if they are home alone? This presentation covers these topics and more regarding keeping your children safe.
  • Safe Moves City
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    The Safe Moves City is designed for schools and teaches children about traffic and pedestrian safety. This miniature city comes complete with sidewalks, signals, buildings and intersections. School staff can schedule this presentation for individual classes or entire grade levels.
  • Business Security Surveys
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    A crime prevention officer will come to your business and look at your windows, doors, locks, lighting and landscaping from a safety and security standpoint.
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