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City Clerk
38300 Sierra Highway Suite C
Palmdale, CA 93550

Open Monday-Thursday
7:30 am-6 pm
Closed Friday

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City Council /Agency/ Authority Meetings and Agendas

The office of the City Clerk facilitates meetings for the City Council, Successor Agency and all other authorities listed below:

City Council

Palmdale is a Charter City governed under the Council/Manager form of local government. The mayor is elected every two years for a two-year term. Also every two years, two of the four councilmembers are elected to serve four-year terms.

Meetings and Agendas


Successor Agency

The Successor Agency is a distinct and separate legal entity from the City of Palmdale, which is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of all five members of the City Council. The Successor Agency exercises its powers to fulfill its duties pursuant to Part 1.85 of AB 26.

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Housing Authority

The Housing Authority was created for the purpose of working with mobile home parks in Palmdale. In April 2003, the Housing Authority assumed ownership of Boulders at the Ranch I, Boulders at the Ranch II and Boulders at the Lake mobile home parks, which are restricted for low and moderate-income households. The Authority monitors the management of each park’s operations and compliance with affordable housing covenants. The Housing Authority has assumed the assets and responsibilities of the former housing obligations under the dissolved redevelopment agency, and acts as the Housing Successor Agency.

Meetings and Agendas


Industrial Development Authority

The Industrial Development Authority was created by City Council Ordinance for the purpose of financing industrial development in Palmdale in February 1995. It works with manufacturers and industrial companies to develop new industrial sites in Palmdale.

Meetings and Agendas


Palmdale Airport Authority

Pursuant to Ordinance No. 1377, adopted by City Council on 5/6/2009, the Palmdale Airport Authority was established and authorized to carry out and oversee all of the functions and responsibilities of the Palmdale Airport and all other related or necessary actions.

Meetings and Agendas


Palmdale Civic Authority

The Palmdale Civic Authority was created under a joint powers agreement between the City of Palmdale and the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Palmdale for the purpose of financing public improvements in Palmdale. 

Meetings and Agendas


Palmdale Finance Authority

The Palmdale Financing Authority was created under a joint powers agreement between the City and the Housing Authority of the City of Palmdale for the purpose of financing public improvements in the City.

Meetings and Agendas

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