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Aircraft at the Joe Davies Heritage Airpark at Palmdale Plant 42

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A/C SN 57-0038
Date Acquired: November 2006
Acquired From: USAF, Loan
Displayed: April 30, 2009


Manufactured by Boeing Aircraft, Seattle WA and delivered to the USAF on Aug. 22, 1958.

Records indicate that the aircraft went to the Air Force proving ground at Eglin AFB in Florida where it was modified to a JB-52F. The designation letter "J" stands for Temporary Special Test. This craft was used to test Hound Dog missiles over the Gulf Test Range.

The Airpark's B-52 does not have a combat record, but it is special for two reasons:

On January 26, 1970, the B-52 was flown for the last time from Eglin AFB to Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, where it underwent extensive stress tests. After determining the aircraft was not flyable, it was donated to the state of Oklahoma in 1973 and put on display at the state fairgrounds. In 2007, the aircraft was disassembled and moved to Joe Davies Heritage Airpark.

Aug 1958 To 4238th Strategic Wing (Strategic Air Command), Barksdale AFB LA
Oct 1961 To San Antonio Air Logistics Area, Kelly AFB TX
Feb 1962 To Boeing Aircraft, Wichita KS
Dec 1963 To AF Proving Ground Center (AF Systems Command), Eglin AFB FL
Oct 1967 To B-52F
Nov 1968 To AF Armament Test Center (AFSC), Eglin AFB
Jan 1970 To Oklahoma City Air Logistics Area, Tinker AFB OK (Last flight)
Jul 1973 Dropped from inventory by transfer to museum status
1973 Retired from active service
1974 Was placed on pylons at Oak City Fairgrounds
2006/07 Acquired and relocated to Joe Davies Heritage Park, Palmdale, CA

Air Park Chronology

First Parts (Engine Pylons, External Fuel Tanks) arrived via truck April 11, 2007
Fuselage arrived June 01, 2007
Wings arrive June 20, 2007
Last parts arrive July 29, 2007
Began re-assembly December 8, 2007
Completed re-assembly January 2, 2008
Began Restoration January 3, 2008
Completed Restoration To be announced
Placed on Display April 30, 2009


Span: 185 ft. 0 in.
Length: 156 ft. 7 in.
Height: 48 ft. 4 in.
Armament: Four .50-cal. M-3 machine guns in the tail barbette and up to 60,000 lbs. of bombs
Engines: Eight Pratt & Whitney J57-P-43W turbojets of 11,200 lbs. thrust each (dry), 13,750 lbs. thrust each wet (water injection)
Crew: Six (pilot, copilot, electronic warfare officer, navigator, radar navigator-bombardier, tail gunner)


Maximum speed: 638 mph/551 knots at 20,000 ft.
Cruising speed: 526 mph
Range: 3,305 nautical miles combat radius at combat weight of 293,100 lbs. (without in-flight refueling); 8,338 miles maximum ferry range
Service ceiling: 46,200 ft. at combat weight of 293,100 lbs.

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