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City Departments/Divisions/Services

Animal Control


The City contracts with the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control for animal control services which include animal licensing, animal pickup, and care and boarding at the local animal shelter in Lancaster.

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Building & Safety

38250 Sierra Highway

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City Attorney

38300 Sierra Highway, Suite 'A'

The goal of the City Attorney's office is to minimize or prevent litigation against the City and enforce City rights and remedies when appropriate. The City Attorney attends all regular, special and adjourned meetings of the City Council, Community Redevelopment Agency and Palmdale Civic Authority. The Senior Deputy City Attorney attends Library Board of Trustees and Mobile Home Rent Control Board hearings upon request. The City Attorney's office also supervises insurance and risk management matters for the City.

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City Council

38300 Sierra Highway, Suite 'A'

The City Council is the governing body of the City of Palmdale with direct responsibility for the formulation of City policies, enacting laws and deciding land use issues. In addition, the City Council also serves as the Community Redevelopment Agency, Palmdale Civic Authority and Industrial Development Authority governing boards. The City Council consists of a Mayor, elected at large for a two-year term, and four councilmembers, each elected at large for a four-year term.

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City Manager

38300 Sierra Highway, Suite 'A'

The City Manager is responsible for directing, organizing and controlling all City departments and oversees the enforcement of all pertinent state and federal laws and municipal ordinances. In addition, the City Manager oversees the preparation of the operating and capital improvement budgets and is responsible for administering these budgets after adoption by the City Council.

The City Manager advises the City Council regarding policy decisions, performs administrative studies, acts upon the requests of the City Council, and serves as Executive Director of the City's Community Redevelopment Agency and as Executive Secretary of the Palmdale Civic Authority and the Industrial Development Authority.

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38300 Sierra Highway, Suite 'A'

The communications office is responsible for the administration of programs and events the City sponsors for the community. In addition, the office oversees the City's publications including the newsletter, Palmdale News, Activities and Entertainment, which is published three times a year. Communications also creates and produces video programming for the City's television station Channel 27. The communications manager serves as the media liaison and City spokesperson.

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Community Redevelopment Agency

38250 Sierra Highway

Economic Development. The economic development department is directly involved in developing strategies and implementing programs to retain and expand local businesses as well as attract new businesses to the City. The purpose of this division is to create job opportunities and enhance the economic vitality of the Palmdale community.



The main purpose of the housing division is to develop and assist in the implementation of a Citywide housing program which includes the use of the redevelopment agency's 20 percent low- and moderate-income housing funds.

A Mobile Home Rent Review Board was established by the City Council to review and approve all mobile home park rental increase applications prior to implementation.

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38300 Sierra Highway, Suite 'D'

The finance department is charged with the responsibility for overall financial planning for the City, revenue administration and budget control. In addition, the department also provides payroll services, purchasing, administration of the City's outstanding debt obligations and acts in a fiduciary capacity for six assessment districts. The department also assists the City Manager in the preparation of the annual budget, invests City funds for both short and long-term purposes and provides cash management for the City.

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Fire Department External Link

Frequently Called Numbers
Locations of Palmdale Area Fire Stations

Fire protection services are provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

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Human Resources

Job Openings
South Valley WorkSource Center
24-Hour Job Hotline: 661/267-JOBS
823 E. Avenue Q-9, Suite B

Human Resources is responsible for the administration of the following programs providing service to employees, departments and members of the public: recruitment; exam development; benefits administration including PERS retirement system, classification and pay, employee assistance program, workers' compensation and special programs such as the Family Medical Leave and Americans with Disabilities Acts; employee training, equal employment opportunity; and employee discipline. In addition, it provides assistance to various departments in the administration of the City safety program.

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Law Enforcement

Contact the Palmdale Sheriff's Station at: 661/272-2400

Law Enforcement services are provided, by contract, with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

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Palmdale City Library

700 East Palmdale Boulevard

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Recreation and Culture

38260 10th Street East

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38250 Sierra Highway

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Public Safety

827 E. Avenue Q-9

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Public Works

38250 Sierra Highway

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South Antelope Valley Emergency Services (SAVES)

1002 E. Avenue Q-12

This program provides food baskets for low-income individuals and families. The program is subsidized in-part by Community Development Block Grant funds. Emergency Food and Shelter Program funds are also allocated to the SAVES program through the United Way for use in purchasing food or providing motel vouchers.

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