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Community Overview

Date Incorporated August 24, 1962
Population 153,334
Area in Square Miles 104
Residential Units 52,115
Number of Business Licenses 6,290
Registered Voters 53,134
Annual Sales & Use Tax Revenue $14.8 million
Average Rainfall 8 inches
Average Temperature (July) 98 degrees
Average Temperature (January) 56 degrees
Elevation at City Hall 2,600 feet
Longitude at City Hall 118 degrees 6 min. W
Latitude at City Hall 35 degrees 35 min. N
Wind Direction Predominantly from the southwest
Wind Speeds Average 7 to 10 MPH
Last Updated: May 2008

Palmdale Community Profile

Annual Population 1986-2012

In 1986, the population of the City of Palmdale was 23,350. Today, Palmdale is emerging as a rapidly growing and thriving community with over 153,000 residents. The City's record growth has made it one of the fastest-growing cities in America.
Source: Antelope Valley Press 6/21/2006

2012 Household Income

Palmdale is an upper-middle class community, with an average household income of $66,580 in 2011.

Palmdale residents enjoy a comfortable hometown feel with a strong family orientation, excellent education system and abundant recreational opportunities in a safe environment.
Source: ESRI forecasts for 2012

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