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Business License

Who must get a business license?

A business license is required to conduct any for-profit business within the City of Palmdale, whether the business is based in the city limits or not.

All non-profit organizations operating in the City are recommended to contact the business license division to determine if a license or occupancy review is needed.

Business License Applications

Print, fill, and mail the PDF(s) below or e-mail the applications to

Please call the business license office at 661/267-5434 for fee information.

Business License Online Renewals

Business License Permits

Senate Bill 1186 (Steinberg, Disability Access)
On September 19, 2012, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill (SB) 1186. Part of the legislation established the Disability Access and Education Revolving Fund as set forth in Government Code Section 4465, et seq, adds a state fee of $1 to all new local business licenses or renewals, thereof. Therefore, effective January 1, 2013, the City will begin collecting this fee on behalf of the state as required by Government Code Section 4467. For further information regarding this bill, go to the following websites:,,


Business License Verifications

What do I need to get a business license?

The following list includes items / documents that may be required by the City Business License Division before a business license can be issued. (For starred items (*) special conditions would be required or the activity would be prohibited when working out of the home.)

How do I establish a business in Palmdale?

The requirements to establish a new business in the City vary by the type and location of the business. You will need to verify the zoning, building and license requirements applicable to your business. Zoning and business license information is available at the City planning department, located at 38250 Sierra Highway. Staff is also available to answer your questions by telephone daily between the hours of 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday (Planning 661/267-5200; Business License 661/267-5434). City staff recommends a careful check of the location's zoning, parking, permitted uses and Building and Safety department records before you buy or lease property to establish a business. This assures you that the business is allowed in the zone, that development requirements are met, and that no known code violations exist on the property, preventing investment of time and money in a site which will not meet your needs.

Can I establish a business in my home?

Businesses may be conducted out of a residence, provided they meet certain requirements. In order to protect other residents in a neighborhood, any business operated out of a home must not change the appearance of the house, attract commercial traffic or involve outdoor operations or storage. To establish a business in your home, you will need approval of a Home Occupation Permit (HOP) by the Planning Department. This permit is valid as long as the requirements and conditions of the Home Occupation Permit are complied with.

What is required in a commercial or industrial building?

An Occupancy Review is required before a business can be established in an existing building in any commercial/industrial zone within the City. Occupancy Reviews are approved by the planning and building and safety departments. This is an "over the counter" procedure and is usually handled at the time the form is submitted. However, staff may have to retain the form if additional research or site inspections are needed.. Changing the use of a building from one type of use to another (for example, from retail sales to a restaurant), may require additional permits and/or modifications to the site.

Planning staff verifies that the General Plan and Zoning designations for the location permit the establishment of your business at the site you have chosen. They also verify that parking, access, and signage meet City standards. The building and safety department reviews their building permit files to confirm that there are no outstanding building permits and that the building is safe for the business requesting a permit. They may also require additional paperwork/permits from various permitting agencies, such as the Fire Department, the Health Department, the Air Quality Management District (AQMD), and the Sanitation District. Fees vary for inspections. You may contact the building and safety department at 661/267-5353 for more information regarding fees and special permits.

Business License Department
38250 Sierra Highway
Palmdale, CA 93550
661/267-5233 (FAX)

Planning Department
38250 Sierra Highway
Palmdale, CA 93550
661/267-5233 (FAX)

Building and Safety Department
38250 Sierra Highway
Palmdale, CA 93550
661/267-5355 (FAX)
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