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Capital Improvement Projects

PROJECT NO. 654 - Avenue S Gap Road ImprovementsBid Opening: 04/29/2014
Bid opening time has been changed from 10:00 am to 11:00 am on April 29. There are 4 Addenda issued as of April 21, 2014. This Public Works project will complete Avenue S Gap Road improvements from Greenbrier Street to approximately 3600 feet west of Greenbrier Street. The work may consist of, but is not limited to grading, street widening, drainage facilities, signage and striping, and all necessary appurtenances.
Engineer's Estimate: $3.5 Million to $4 Million
Project Manager: David Wu - 661-267-5353

PROJECT NO. 655 - ADA Handicap Doors at City FacilitiesBid Opening: 05/20/2014
This CDBG funded project will provide for a handicap assistance doors at the City Administration Building and City Council Building; 38300 Sierra Highway, Suite A & B, Palmdale, CA respectively. Project is Federally funded with CDBG monies. Non Mandatory pre-bid conference scheduled on May 6, 2014 @ 11:00 A.M.
Engineer's Estimate: $45-$55,000
Project Manager: Lynn Glidden - 661-267-5315

PROJECT NO. 659 - HSIP5378(033) Traffic Signal Ave R and 55th EastBid Opening: 04/23/2014
Install Traffic Signal at Ave R and 55th Steet East
Engineer's Estimate: $380,000 to $425,000
Project Manager: Mike Livingston - 661-267-5312

PROJECT NO. 663 - Elizabeth Lake Road Slope Protection ProjectBid Opening: 04/08/2014
NOTE: CURRENTLY THERE ARE 3 ADDENDA ISSUED AS OF APRIL 3, 2014. The Public Works project will re-grade and install Armorflex material along the existing slopes on the south side of Elizabeth Lake Road to protect from possible soil erosion. The project is located approximately 600 feet east of Joshua Ranch Road.
Engineer's Estimate: $325K to $350K
Project Manager: David Wu - (661) 267-5353

PROJECT NO. 676 - Sewer Manhole AdjustmentsBid Opening: 03/25/2014
This Public Works project will expose and bring to grade numerous sewer manholes and also upgrade a number of manholes by installing new manhole covers. The work may consist of, but is not limited to: sawcut and remove pavement, excavation, manhole adjustments and improvements, and pavement restoration.
Engineer's Estimate: 300000
Project Manager: Marc Zuber - 661 267 5354

PROJECT NO. 687 - Sewer Manhole ConversionsBid Opening: 04/29/2014
This purpose of this Public Works Project is to convert 111 rectangular shallow manholes in the City of Palmdale to circular shallow manholes. The work may consist of, but is not limited to: traffic control, pavement removal and restoration, flow bypassing, concrete and brick manhole removal, base modification, and reconstruction, and installation of new, circular, City-provided hinged/locking manhole covers.
Engineer's Estimate: 850000
Project Manager: Marc Zuber - 661 267 5354


There are currently no projects available.


PROJECT NO. 14-004-3100 - Environmental Services for Constructon ProjectsBid Opening: 05/12/2014
Environmental Services Includes any and all services required for NEPA and CEQA requirements for preconstruction, construction, and post construction survey, observation and mitigation measures as designated by either one or both Environmental Documents as described for each individual City construction project.
Engineer's Estimate: TBD by Project
Project Manager: Mike Livingston - 661-267-5312

PROJECT NO. 679 - RFQ RFP Boulders at the Lake Electrical Transformers Replacement StudyBid Opening: 05/14/2014
The City of Palmdale is soliciting proposals from interested consultants to provide an electrical transformer replacement study on the existing electrical transformers located at the Boulders at the Lake Mobile Home Park, 1030 East Avenue S; Palmdale, CA. There will be a job meeting on April 30, 2014 @ 10:30 a.m. at the project site - 1030 East Avenue S in the clubhouse
Engineer's Estimate:
Project Manager: Lynn Glidden - 661-267-5315

PROJECT NO. 688 - North County Traffic Forum Phase II & III ITS ProjectBid Opening: 05/12/2014
RFP RFQ for Design and surveying services for Phase II & III of the North County Traffic Forum ITS Expansion Project. This project will provide interconnect systems, CCTV's surveillance cameras and traffic signals.
Engineer's Estimate:
Project Manager: Lynn Glidden - 661-267-5315

PROJECT NO. RFP 13-001-4340 - Playhouse Audio Video System UpgradesBid Opening: 03/27/2014
Playhouse Audio Video System Upgrages
Engineer's Estimate:
Project Manager: Purchasing - 661 267-5444

PROJECT NO. RFP 13-002-3600 - Tree Maintenance ServicesBid Opening:
Structural tree trimming and tree removal services at City facilities, parks, parkways, medians, landscape maintenance districts and right of ways.
Engineer's Estimate:
Project Manager: Purchasing Division - 661-267-5444


These documents are intended for informational purposes only.

Users are cautioned that the City of Palmdale (Agency) does not assume any liability or responsibility based on these electronic files or for any defective or incomplete copying, excerpting, scanning, faxing, printing or downloading of the contract documents including, but not limited to, the notice inviting bids, bid schedule, special provisions, specifications, and plans. The City of Palmdale makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of these electronic files.

The Purchasing Divison administers the procurement process on behalf of the City. Procurements include acquisitions of supplies, materials, equipment and services requested by all City departments.

Public Works Capital Projects
For official paper versions of the bidder packages including addenda, please submit your request in person or in writing to the City of Palmdale, Department of Public Works, 38250 Sierra Highway, Palmdale, CA 93550 or fax your request to 661/267-5322. Requests can be made between the hours of 7:30 am to 6:00 pm , Monday through Thursday (except City holidays). When ordering official paper versions of the bidder packages, please arrange for proper payment and include a telephone number, fax number and P.O. Box or street address so you can receive addenda.
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