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Palmdale Power Plant

Palmdale’s power plant will be located 1/3 of a mile south of Ave. M, east of Sierra Highway, adjacent to Plant 42. It is away from homes, schools and businesses. A similar power plant located in the heart of Burbank has been operational since 1941. That plant is across the highway from the City’s downtown shopping center and less than a mile away from two high schools.

“There is no competent evidence in this record that the PHPP poses any threat to the health of the public in general, or to residents of Lancaster in particular.”
                     California Energy Commission, Final Decision

General Description

The City of Palmdale received approval for the Palmdale Hybrid Power Plant (PHPP), an innovative 570 megawatt (MW) electric generating facility from the California Energy Commission (CEC) in August, 2011 and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in November 2011. As designed, it combines the ultra-high efficiency clean burning natural gas fired combined cycle turbine technology with the state-of-the-art renewable solar equipment-the parabolic trough solar thermal design. The resulting fully integrated "hybrid" design is the first of its kind in the world.

Who will own and operate the power plant?

In May 2013, the Palmdale City Council directed staff to enter into an agreement to sell all assets pertaining to the Palmdale Hybrid Power Plant to Summit Palmdale Development, LLC.

Summit will update the PHPP to make it a flexible capacity plant that can best address the issues above especially the need to help balance variable resources such as wind and solar. As a flexible capacity plant, it will utilize modern proven technology, consisting of highly efficient natural gas turbines with quick-start capabilities. These turbines will be able to stay online at lower operating levels when energy needs are low and ramp up quality as needed.

About Summit

CEC Final Decision

PPP Supporters

The PPP has drawn applause from virtually every stake-holder in the Southern California energy marketplace, including:

What are the benefits?

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What About Water?

Is There a Need for the Power Plant?

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