Palmdale Regional Recreation Complex

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Given the high desert climate often creates high winds and extreme temperatures, the City of Palmdale wishes to develop a state-of-the-art Regional Recreation Complex that enhances the quality of life, provides economic development opportunities, and improves the health of its community residents. The facility would provide a multi-generational place of entertainment for City residents and guests of the community, offering indoor, year-round opportunities for social interaction, learning, fun and fitness all in one location.

The Regional Recreation Complex will provide services that meet the current trends and interests of its community. These trends will be identified through community outreach, and may include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  1. Sports and physical activities serving a variety of ages, such as a multi-sport indoor gymnasium, multi-sport indoor synthetic turf fields, multi-sport outdoor synthetic turf fields, and an indoor walking track.
  2. General recreation programming and rentals, such as multi-purpose rooms with removable dividers and automated presentation equipment or a fitness room with appropriate flooring.
  3. Diverse recreational amenities such as a rock wall, boxing ring, pump bicycle track, handball courts, racquetball courts, and pickleball courts.
  4. The potential to extend library services to serve youth needing educational support, including computer workstations, a small collection of books, space for small informational seminars, or office/meeting space for local non-profits and schools to provide needed youth services.
  5. Unique elements to create local excitement and build community pride, such as a playground geared towards those with cognitive or physical limitations, an indoor warm water therapy pool, an indoor cool water exercise pool, or exciting water activities such as a wave rider or wave pool. 
  6. Outdoor amenities such as tiered grass seating for small bands and neighborhood events, or a drive-in movie set-up.
  7. Expansive offering of indoor exercise equipment, complete with full-service locker rooms and space to hold common group fitness classes.

The amenities, services, and activities listed above are not intended to be all encompassing, but rather provide an idea what can potentially be included. The actual amenities, services, and activities to be included in the Recreation Complex shall be the result of community outreach and Staff recommendations.

Project Timeline

Community Meeting #1 January 31 February 1 6:30 p.m. -  8:30 p.m.
Community Meeting #2 March 7 March 8 TBD
Community Meeting #3 April 18 April 19 TBD
Community Meeting #4 June 27 June 28 TBD


Conceptual Design & Report Complete July 29, 2022

Contact Information

If you have additional questions or concerns about this project, please reach out to Nick Godin at or (661) 267-5533.