Seasonal & Holiday Programs

These programs allow our clients to enjoy and be part of traditional holidays and other cornerstone life events. They are designed to ensure that a family’s financial struggles do not limit their quality of life. All of these programs require a commitment of time and effort by our clients to qualify for them.

Thanksgiving Baskets & December Holiday Baskets

Thanksgiving baskets provide families with minors with all the makings for a Thanksgiving holiday dinner. The December Holiday Basket also includes an age-appropriate present for all minor children in the household. Parents are given the opportunity to "shop" for a gift for their child in order to provide a sense of empowerment.

Thanksgiving Basket Brochure English (PDF)

Thanksgiving Basket Brochure Spanish (PDF)

Senior Holiday Baskets

With the support of our community, we introduced Senior Holiday Food Baskets to benefit our senior clients. To qualify, clients must preregister and meet all program requirements.

Back to School

This program provides backpacks and school supplies to youth under 18 years old. High school students that are 18 years old need to prove enrollment in an Antelope Valley high school.