Inkwell, Palmdale's Book and Art Festival

Inkwell artist table display
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Inkwell vendor booth selling hand painted rocks
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Inkwell display, Inkwell with feathers in vase
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Inkwell Palmdale's Book and Art Festival LogoSaturday, May 7, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Live Music, Food & Much More!

Inkwell Book & Art Festival is a unique opportunity in Palmdale for artists and authors of all ages to display their art and share their literary works, as well as network with other local artists, authors, and the public. It is a lively family event that includes music, children's activities, and artistic and literary opportunities for the public. 

Things To Look Forward ToBenny Thomas Band

Story Stage

  • Live music by the Benny Thomas Band
  • Author & Artist Talks
  • Giveaways 

Entertainment Painting

Paint with me experience. Free. Sign up at the event. Space is limited!

Three session times for the entertainment painting:Painting

  • 10:30 am
  • 12:00 pm
  • 1:00 pm

Participants get a directed painting session and get to take their art piece home. All supplies art provided.

Live Vinyl Music DJ by DJ Licorice PizzaDJ Licorice Pizza

Listen to good music through the unique sounds of a Vinyl. No streaming here!

Artist Walk

  • Not only will there be over 30 artists at the event displaying and selling their art. There will be exhibits at the AV Art Gallery & The Palmdale Playhouse. Both a short walk from the Inkwell Festival
  • AV Art gallery Exhibit: "See You Around the Galaxy" (Space art from Houston to Hollywood)
  • AV Art Gallery will be providing live art demos at the festival.
  • Palmdale Playhouse: John Zender Estrada & Deon Zender Estrada will have a father & son exhibit titled Inheritance

And More

  • AV Art Gallery: Live Art Demos and More
  • Refi Snacks: Snacks & Face painting
  • Friends of the Library Fundraising by selling books
  • Palmdale School District Exhibit 
  1. Meet The Artists
  2. Meet The Authors
  1. Alesia Dowden -
  2. Anahit Topchyan
  3. Andres Aceves
  4. Aniyah King
  5. Antwain Anderson
  6. Ashley Khan –
  7. Brianna Jefferson
  8. Chelsea Williams –
  9. Daniel Phelan
  10. David Clark
  11. Deon Estrada –
  12. Diana Garcia -
  13. Diane King
  14. Elizabeth Orellana
  15. Isabella Moreno
  16. Jay Black
  17. Jessica Lopez Naranjo
  18. Joel Portillo
  19. KanChes Thought
  20. Karen Nepstad –
  21. Lorena Uriostegui
  22. Lucinda Acevedo
  23. Madison Clark
  24. Martin Flores
  25. Melody Ellis –
  26. Nelta Hamilton
  27. Pamela Lacey
  28. Patricia Arnold -
  29. Patricia M. Murray
  30. Pepe Melan -
  31. Renato de Guia
  32. Syd Harper -
  33. Warren Scherich -
  34. William Hawley
  35. Xochilt Garcia -
  36. Yanira Jimenez Vargas