Local Funds for Local Needs

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The City of Palmdale consistently ranks among the best places to live, raise a family and retire. The City is committed to strong community partnerships, safe neighborhoods and parks, quality services to support residents, and respectful and responsive city employees, all which make Palmdale a strong, caring and safe community for all residents.

Maintaining A Healthy Community Before, During and After the Pandemic

Through our South Antelope Valley Emergency Services (SAVES) program and Legacy Commons for Active Seniors, we are providing food service to our seniors and some of the vulnerable residents in our community. The City is providing childcare services for first responders during the pandemic so that they may continue to contribute to protect, care for, and serve our residents. We have partnered with the L.A. County Dept. of Health in establishing a drive-through testing center at Antelope Valley Mall. To ensure further containment of the outbreak, the City distributes difficult to acquire personal protective equipment to schools, residents, and local businesses.

Partnering with Local Employers to Ensure Strong Economic Recovery

As we work to protect residents during the current health crisis, we are also taking proactive steps to ensure a strong economic recovery. In close partnership with our local employers — from small business owners to aerospace industry leaders — we have developed a comprehensive stimulus plan that will help all businesses reopen safely and quickly to avoid further economic damage. Business recovery programs include financial and technical assistance that will enable companies to thrive through future economic downturns. This plan has been hailed as a model for other cities.

Protecting Essential Services

Palmdale, along with the rest of the State and the country, faces serious fiscal challenges due to the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding for high-priority services such as senior support, business retention/recruitment and public infrastructure repair and maintenance are threatened as a result.

Locally Controlled Funding Needed to Protect City Services

To protect essential City services and keep our community strong and healthy into the future, additional resources will be needed. The City is exploring all funding options to ensure continued quality public services for residents.

Locally-controlled funding would provide dedicated revenues to Palmdale, in order to:

  • Maintain 911 emergency response times
  • Keep public parks open, safe and clean
  • Repair streets and potholes
  • Retain and recruit local businesses through economic development initiatives to ensure the City’s long-term financial stability.
  • Support community policing, activities for at-risk youth and mental health efforts to help keep our community safe for everyone

  • Address homelessness
  • Maintain food distribution services
  • Support rental and mortgage assistance programs
  • Support services for local military veterans
  • Upgrade emergency communications and improve emergency preparedness
  • Partner with faith communities, non-profits, and local youth sports programs

Local Funds for Local Needs

Additional locally-controlled revenue would keep 100% of funds here in Palmdale. No funds could be taken by the State or County. A community oversight committee would be established to assure transparency.

We welcome your input as the City plans for the future. Please email info@cityofpalmdale.org or call (661) 267-5115 with questions or comments.