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    1. City of Palmdale Circular Logo
    2. City of Palmdale Office of the City Clerk 38300 Sierra Hwy., Suite C
      Palmdale, CA 93550
      (661) 267-5151 . Fax (661) 267-5193
    4. Step 1: COMPLETE- all blank spaces of the Public Records Request Form. This will facilitate and expedite the processing of your public record(s) request. Please be specific and give as much information as possible to allow the City to locate the requested record(s)

      Step 2: SUBMIT your completed form by e-mailing, mailing or faxing to the City Clerk at the address, e-mail or fax number listed above.

      Step 3: PLEASE BE PATIENT – The City will make a determination within 10 days from receipt of your request whether the request, in whole or in part, seeks copies of discloseable public record(s) in possession of the City [GC 6253(c)]. Please note that if you are requesting to inspect the record(s), you will be asked to make an appointment to view the documents. If you are requesting copies, an invoice will be sent to you.

      Charges for the direct cost of duplication will apply. Please note – Record(s) will be copied upon receipt of payment. If payment is not received within 10 days after invoicing, you may be required to submit a new request. Please see Page 2 for additional information regarding Public Records Request
    6. Please be as specific as possible, for example, provide the date, time, and type of record(s) being requested. If additional space is needed,
      please attach a separate page.
    7. I understand that I will be contacted once record(s) have been identified. If duplication costs are involved, an estimated cost will be provided to me. I agree that I will be required to submit payment for duplication costs and postage prior to the production of the requested record(s).
    8. Please check appropriate box*
      Please note that information contained any Public Records Act request becomes a public record and may be subject to public inspection pursuant to the California Public Records Act.