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Application for Annexation

  1. Instructions to Applicant

    The following application form is provided for all applicants requesting to be annexed by the City of Palmdale. CONTACT THE PLANNING DIVISION REGARDING REQUIRED ITEMS AND FEES. ALL ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The applicant must complete the attached from as prescribed and submit the following information before the application can be accepted by the Planning Division.

  2. Annexation Submittal Checklist


  4. # of acres @ $5 / acre

  5. LAFCO postage fees are calculated using the current postage fees for a 1 oz. letter based on two sets of mailing labels (one with and one without the 300’ radius).

  6. ($20/parcel for first 50 parcels; $10/parcel thereafter up to $1,500 maximum)

  7. # of labels within annexation @ $1.65 / label x 2

  8. If you have any questions regarding this application packet, required materials, or fees, please call the Planning Division at 661/267-5200.


  10. acres/square miles to the City of Palmdale.


  12. Approximately # of feet N or S of

  13. Approximately # of feet N or S of

  14. (Street Name or Alignment)

  15. (Street Name or Alignment)

  16. Approximately # of feet E or W of

  17. Approximately # of feet E or W of


  19. OWNER:


  21. Please include in mailing list all other persons to be notified regarding this application.

  22. The City of Palmdale requires accurate information on the following subjects in order to process an annexation. Please answer the following questions, and when necessary, give the source of the information.

  23. Attach a document describing the services to be extended to the subject area, the range and level of those services, when the services can be extended to the area, and how the services will be financed. Include any improvement or upgrading of structures, roads, sewer or water facilities, or other conditions which would be imposed or required by the local agency within the subject area if this proposal is completed. Specifically address the following services*:

  24. 1. Sewer 2. Water 3. Police 4. Fire 5. Phone 6. Gas 7. Parks & Recreation 8. Library 9. Electricity 10. Animal Control 11. Road Maintenance 12. Solid Waste Disposal 13. Flood Control 14. Special Assessment Districts 15. Street Lighting

  25. *The City may require the preparation of a Master Infrastructure Plan and Fiscal Impact Report to determine the appropriateness of the expansion of the City.

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