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City of Palmdale GIS

The goal of the City's GIS is to provide the public with access to an interactive mapping system so that questions about property and the city can be answered quickly and efficiently. Geographical data in the form of maps, data sets, and reports can be used to help the decision-making process easier and faster. Use of GIS can help answer questions related to the parcel that you live on or the area that you live in.

Haven't found what you are looking for? The GIS Section will work with you to create specific maps that meet your needs. Please contact the GIS Section at 661 267-5300 or regarding requests or for additional information about GIS.

Interactive MapGuide Site

The Interactive MapGuide Site is an online geographic information system (GIS) that provides the public with access to a variety of data maintained by the City of Palmdale and other agencies. Visitors to the site can use the interactive mapping system to navigate around the City and view parcels, streets, property lines, public facilities, and other geographic features, many of which have associated reports that provide additional information. High-resolution aerial imagery is available, as well as a host of other useful tools and features.

The site also features direct links to and To access these layers, click on the All Layer Map or the Property Info Map and zoom in to a minimum scale of 1 : 10,000.

The Palmdale Interactive MapGuide Site requires a Microsoft Windows PC that uses Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. MapGuide will not work with Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Blazer, or any other web browser. You must download and install the ActiveX MapGuide Viewer Plugin to view the interactive maps and navigate within the system.

Download the Plug-in

Note: The Interactive MapGuide Site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher. If the screen resolution is set lower, or if you have any third party toolbars installed and visible in your browser window, some features of the Interactive MapGuide Site may be blocked from view. It is also highly recommended that you disable any active pop-up blockers.

City Map Library

The GIS Section produces various types of maps for general and specific uses. Thematic maps can be downloaded in PDF format. New maps will be added to the CML as they are completed by the GIS Section.

Browse the City Map Library to view published maps showing different features across the City. Download and print these maps for your use.

You can also return to the CML for the latest version of a published map. The latest published version of each map will always be available in the Library. Refer to the Map Code located at the bottom left-hand corner of your map with the Map Code in the CML to check the publication date of your map.
Click here to get Adobe ReaderAll maps are posted in PDF format. These PDF documents require Adobe Reader to view. To download Adobe Reader for free, click on the Adobe icon.

Palmdale Prospector

A joint project between the City of Palmdale and GIS Planning External Link. Palmdale Prospector combines proprietary software, GIS layers, demographic information, and commercial/industrial for sale or lease property listings entered by real estate agents in order to allow users to search, select and compare available property or buildings based on user defined criteria such as size and type of space (e.g. office, retail, industrial, vacant land, etc.).

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